GNAT has confirm it that 21st JAN 2016 is nationwide strike

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) has joined the Ghana National Association of Teachers and the National Association of Graduate Teachers on a nationwide strike.
The strike is to press home for their demand for improved salaries and working conditions under the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS).
Mr. Ernest Opoku, President of CCT at a press conference, said unlike the two other teachers’ organizations, the CCT would back its strike with demonstrations across the country, using Kumasi as it starting point on Friday.
He said the CCT was urging government to address the high cost of living in Ghana and the suffering of the Ghanaian teacher, the petroleum price increase and the category two and three allowances, as well as the market premium to cushion teachers.
Mr. Opoku said teachers were not also happy about the delay on the part of the Fair Wages and Salary Commission to pay the annual incremental credit due teachers and the commission’s inability to
commence negotiations for the new conditions of service for the Ghana Education Service workers.
He warned that the CCT would resist government’s attempt to control the occupational pension scheme of the tier two and urged government to address issues on the three-tier
pension scheme.
The CCT president appealed to government to take immediate measures to pay all the three years incremental credits, car maintenance allowances to deserving teachers and settle all issues related to promotions and upgrading as well as issuances of pay slips.
Mr. Opoku described government’s attitude towards the teacher as reprehensible, unacceptable, and expressed disappointment that some politicians were touting that teachers were better off after the
implementation of the SSSS.
Mr. Opoku said the reality was that
teachers were rather wallowing in
abject poverty and misery and instead of government working to improve conditions to emancipate them from the shackles of poverty, some politicians were castigating and maligning teachers.
The CCT implored the two teachers’ organizations to remain resolute and ward off pressures from government and other institution but to fight on until ‘something concrete is done to better the lots of the Ghanaian
‘From today, we will not grow the
corn for the few zealots while we are paid with harks for which we are expected to be dutifully grateful, no!’
Mr. Opoku pointed out.



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