A musician From Ghana, Africa.
Jacob Gonami Agbenuvor is a Ghanaian HipHop recording artist,entertainer and a song writer known by his stage name “JJGonami”. He comes from Tegbi Agbedrafor– Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana. His name “Gonami” is a word derived from the “Ewe” Language of Ghana which simply means “Give way”, given to him by his Grand Mother “Emmanuela Kporvi. JJ Gonami sings and raps in His native language “Ewe, and English. He considered a “multi talented musician due to
the various musical styles he posses. The young and talented artist is still in the studio working on his “ NEW” album (UNBREAKABLE) but He has a couple of songs and a videos out which is making it big in Ghana. In an Interview with JJ Gonami And Mrs Nutifafa Adjei Feyie on ATV Ewe News (Nyadzordzorwo) promised his fans that, his New album “UNBREAKABLE” is gonna be Unbreakable. Expect nothing but the best from JJ Gonami (The Ewe Dictionary) A.k.a. Mr. Unbreakable.
From my personal chat with Gonami where I got the chance to ask him few questions and he revealed to me the meaning of JJ to be Junior Jacob which makes it JJ Gonami.  The young and talented musician started music at his early age when he was in Basic school at Keta. He have a
future in music and when help will deliver on promise to help Anlo kingdom and the country as a whole. Ayigbey Edem now known as Edem confess to the world that JJ Gonami is born a star in music and indeed will help this country one day, he promised to take him like a brother and plead on his behalf to the world for assistance. JJ Gonami’s Relationship with other Musicians: He have mutual relationship with some other musicians like Edem, Obrafour, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shattawale, R2bees all
from Ghana. Gonami do his music both Home and Abroad. Due to Gonami’s respect, and some other unique characters he posses made others to love him, and he is widely admires by a lot of ladies whenever he comes on stage for performance. JJ Gonami have over
100 songs and still counting… Because of the talent he posses made him a quick learner so far as music is concern. He does other music’s like Hip life, Reggae, Afro pop, Dancehall in addition to his label Hip hop. Gonami aimed at featuring the top musicians in other to make his album hit nationwide. Jacob Gonami Agbenuvor who is popularly known by his stage name JJ Gonami moves from Keta to settle in Tema to continue with his music life as his self employed occupation where he become friend with Sarkodie and some other “TM” musicians.  He is the CEO of SEETHEM FOUNDATION  #Worldwide. This young artist is talented with a lot of Ewe Proverbs which he uses in most of his songs to Educate both the old and the young generations coming up to learn from, due to the dynamic culture values he posses.
His song Dzidzɔkpɔkpɔ (Happiness), Sorpii, Gahojey, Dziku, and his other songs carries the whole Volta Region and some parts of other regions from 2014 up to now. He promised to release 12 solid songs this year 2016 which he stated with Unbreakable, Madly In Love, Money and Bless me
JJ Gonami is now popular nationwide due to his native language which cut across Cote D’Ivore, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, BurkinaFaso, Germany, Colorado and some other parts of the world..

JJ Gonami’s new management ” Mr. E Group OF Companies” :
( Jonah Edmund Kwesi
Seth Paradise Gafah And Ricky Kofi Kekeli Adelayitar)
These three great men came together, trying their possible best to push the young talent to the highest level. Always remember to say a prayer for Gonami and his TEAM….. and the Almighty God will continue to bless you !!!!

+233 24 044 4113
+233 24 469 3557
+23324 375 9317

Follow On Instagram/Twitter @JJGonami



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