The Maid ~Episode 23


Sonia clutched the hand of her bag, the same bag she had come with few months ago and made her way through the back door. She couldn’t bear those eyes of Angela looking murderously at her, knowing she did something that deserved more than such a stare.

Coming out from the backyard, she saw her mother sauntering into the compound. She could see the ‘okada man’ reversing his motorcycle. “Sonia, Sonia, we are leaving immediately. No questions. I will tell you why, later”Her mother said, seeing the bag in her hand. She already packed. What’s happening?’ she wondered.

“Why mom. Why? Don’t you want me to stay again, to bring you huge money? Aren’t you happy with that anymore?” She let down the heavy tears from her eyes. “I am sorry my daughter. I have truly hurt you in every way. I have really done you enough harm.” There was sorrow in her voice. She drew Sonia close and embraced her. Something she couldn’t remember the last time she did. This time, all of a sudden, she could feel Sonia’s pain. She could feel her heartbeat thundering beneath her chest. She needed no one to tell her she was the architect of the poor girl’s plight.

“Sonia!”Angela’s harsh and aggravated tone separated them. “Oh I see, you both have succeeded,”Angela increased her steps towards them, “How could you” She landed a hot resounding slap on Sonia. The kind of slap that comes with stars and dizziness. Angela lost control and pounced on her. She went wacko at that moment, tearing and pulling at the poor girl whose mother she pushed aside when she tried to stop her.

“You will kill her o, and you will surely regret it if you do.” Sonia’s mother said, trying to get up from where she fell. Her knees ached as a result of the fall. She could feel the hurting pain of the arthritis and rheumatism which was part of what she had been suffering for years.

Angela landed several kicks on Sonia’s belly with her knees. Sonia screamed painfully with all her might. “Ahh my tommy. Jesus…my tom……” Her voice trailed off. Blood was seen trailing down her legs. Angela got up from her to get a better view of what she was seeing, which was just playing like a movie before her Sonia continued bleeding.
The pregnancy was gone!
Gone in the twinkle of an eye.

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