The Maid ~Episode 21


–At 2.05pm that same day—

David was already dressed up. Sonia only watched him weakly. She couldn’t explain what she felt all over her body few minutes ago but she felt it. She felt the shock and the awe that invaded her. “Are you going out?” She suddenly asked. “Of course I am. I need to get back to the office.” He replied as he hurried to the door. Sonia ran up and held him tight begging him to stay with her a little longer.

“I cant stay here all alone.” She pleaded, caressing him as she embraced him tightly. “Why not spend more time with me?” She muttered as she held him speechless with her kisses. David responded to all her moves. She was the reason why he left his office when he couldn’t bear the longing desire for her any longer. But they already have had a little good time. He thought some more may not be bad.

He sucked hungrily at her lips,  his hands sought for her bosoms. Sonia just couldn’t understand what was happening. This was something she has sworn to put an end, but now and again, she couldn’t bear this man walking out without satisfying her sexual urge. She worked on his shirt, carefully unbuttoning it.

The cab pulled up in front of the compound. Angela lazily staggered out. Right since she left home, she had not been herself. She had visited the public toilet more than ten times. She couldn’t remember eating anything that could be responsible for the incessant purge which also came with headache and high body temperature. As a result, she deemed it best to go home.
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“Madam, you no wan pay me my money. I be father christmas? I dey carry for free?” The angry driver addressed Angela who was bent on getting into the house. She turned back and gave him the amount they agreed on. On getting to the compound, she saw her husband’s car parked there. She wondered what he might be doing at home. He should be in the office. She gently opened the door and surveyed the parlour. Nobody was there but on the floor a cloth was lying there. She picked it up and examined it. It was the top Sonia was wearing in the morning. She held her aching head.

“I hope its not what I’m thinking.”She soliloquised as she made into the bedroom quietly. On approaching there, she paused to examined what she was hearing. She could hear soft moans from the bedroom. She barged into the room immediately, almost slumping at the sight she beheld. She felt her world crashing. Right before her was her dear husband on the bed with Sonia. They were not even aware of her presence. “David!” She screamed.




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