For the second time in my life I felt so inferior. The first time was when I masturbated. We wore our clothes.
I recorded the date. I said to myself that I was going to visit a doctor after about three weeks for a test to know if a foetus is growing inside my womb so I could quickly remove it.
Oh gush, One sin leads to another. It would be so shameful for my Dad to find out that I got pregnant outside wedlock.
I went to shop late that day.
“There must always be a reason………..So what’s the reason for coming late today?”
Atsupi asked.
For the first time in ma life I had to lie to my Best female friend, Atsupi.
I couldn’t tell her I had sex. When did I get into a relationship that I have started having sex?
Chris went back to school that weekend.
His dad also went back to his place of work as usual Or so we thought.
He came back to the house the next morning claiming that he forgot some office files. My Dad had gone to work already that morning.
I was preparing to go to the shop.
Chris’s Dad has this bad habit of opening the gate or even doors with his foot. He would just it open. So when heard the sound like the gate was kicked open, I knew it was him.
I greeted him when he bumped in.
“Oh how are you my dear?” he responded in the usual manner.
“I never knew I would meet anyone at home,” he added.
I simply smiled.
“In that case come assist me find this file so it doesn’t take much of my time.”
I didn’t hesitate. I followed him with One mind. I didn’t see what was coming. But Oh men, I wonder why Sex always go on in their mind whenever they are alone in a room with a lady.
When I bent down and was searching for the file in a drawer which he showed me, I felt a hand on my boobs. I turned slowly, hoping that I would wake up from the slumber before I finish turning my head. But it was happening
for real. Chris’s father actually touched my boobs.
“I have missed my wife so much. I use to do that to her whenever she is around,” he said without even showing any remorse for his action.
I made to leave the room but then he grabbed me. He pressed my hand to the bed. He overpowered me.
I screamed in vain.
I used to say it’s not possible for a lady to be raped. Until it almost happened to me.
“Don’t tell me you’ve not been wishing for this moment,” he said, smiling satisfactorily to himself.
Probably I would not have been able to defended myself if there was no tumbler at the edge of the bed.
When he let go of my hand and tried to take of my pant, I smashed the tumbler on his

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