The Maid ~Episode 19

David’s knock came on the door impatiently. Sonia did not hesitate in opening the door for him. David quickly entered and closed the door behind him immediately, drew Sonia close and wrapped his lips over hers, interrupting her greeting. Sonia’s heart throbbed mightily as he kissed and sucked her lips hungrily as if his life depended on it. She was too weak to stop him or even say anything as he fired on eagerly, exploring almost every reachable part of her with his demanding caresses. She knew without being told that it was the charm at work.

With great effort, she pulled him back, holding his palms tightly, restraining them from making those dangerous moves. “Please sir just stop. Please this is dangerous. Lets just stop all these.” Sonia pleaded in despair knowing she was only wasting her saliva. He was yearning for her like someone being intoxicated with wine. Of course he was intoxicated. The charms really got him of his wits that he no longer cared if Angela caught them together. “Sonia, I love you. I need you. I just don’t think I can survive without you.” He said and overpowered her again with his strength, this time, taking Sonia off the ground in his arms like a baby into the bedroom.

Sonia knew she had to do something fast to end all these as soon as possible. Her greatest fear and only prayer at that moment was that Angela should not by any means show up. If it happens, only heaven knows what the outcome would be. She had thought of running away to another country to start her life anew without the police having to find her for killing somebody but there was no money. Besides, she never had the heart to leave her harsh and ungrateful mother alone. They would hold her if she disappears.

**At Sonia’s mother’s place**

“I have a plan. A perfect plan which will see your daughter take over as David’s new wife.” Ebere whispered to Sonia’s mother. She nodded, drawing close. That was all she wanted to see. To see sonia take over that rich man so that she would be sending her money on regular basis. “But what about the man’s wife. What do we do about her?” She asked. “I came prepared. I have here with me some of her pictures, old identity card before she got married and some other things that belonged to her. There is one powerful baba who will help us get rid of her. Once we show him these things, whatever he tells us to do, we would do it. All we want is to see that Angela leaves that house and never return for good. The baba will also make Sonia play along with ease”Ebere was convincing with her words.
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She got the greedy woman this time whose face lit up. She has seen the perfect opportunity to make Sonia supply her money all the time as if she was her employee. “We are going immediately.” She assured Sonia and requested to see the pictures of this lady. Angela had come to see her with Sonia only once but she wasn’t able to get a better view of her because it was getting dark when they visited. She kept staring at Angela’s smiling face. Ebere handed her the identity card and some other laminated papers that contained vital information about her.

“Miss Angela C.Uwa.
Hometown,  in Ihiala local government area….Uwa. Isseke…” She stopped and scanned the pictures again.

“What is wrong?” Ebere who noticed something asked. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, stared at the name again, the pictures and her details again. “Tell me all you know about this lady.” She demanded in a low voice. “We used to be good friends back in school but….” “That is not what I mean. Tell me, do you know her parents well?” She interrupted Ebere. “Of course l do. Her father is the famous Chief Livinus Uwa and her mother, emmm, I think, yes..Mrs Ngozi Obidiya Uwa” Ebere who was beginning to feel uncomfortable with her questions replied. “What? Are you serious?” She asked, fear gripping her.

Ebere kept quiet and observed her for sometime,  what was wrong with her, and as if she got the signal, she played down those looks from Ebere and told her a c##k and bull story to make any rising thought in her about the way she suddenly started asking questions to die down.

“I think tomorrow or next would be perfect for this journey”She added.  She stood up, gave her a detecting look and left without mincing any word.

“Angela? The daughter of Livinus Uwa? Ngozi’s daughter? “Sonia aaaaa” She wept.




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