JJ Gonami’s Last Message

Later this afternoon Jj Gonami on Kekeli Radio in Ho send his warmly New Year Wishes to his fans, Promoters, Show Organizers and DJ’s from various Media Houses.

“Dear friends, wonderful fans and supporters, just know that I am as happy as I have been in many years, and my life has flourished in the last couple of months in an incredible way. So I  want to use this platform to say a very Big thank you to my manager, Dellings Sizzla Nyasorgbor The CEO Of Sizzla One Entertainment for his support, love, and kind advice he gave me from the first day of the year 2015 up to now, thank you so much, also to Seshi Dotse The CEO Of DS MEDIA , i will like to thank you for the support you’ve given me for  the past five solid years, you are a father because you treat me like how a father can take care of his son, thank you so much. Seth Paradise Gafah The CEO Of Paradise OneFamily Entertainment, Lucky Asiwome Qwesi The Manager of PBRadio,
Nutifafa Adjei Feyie  TV Presenter at ATV, Divine Nyasorgbor (RaS Muta), QwesiKing, OBRA JAY, and MAV TV, I thank you all for the full energy,  hard work and the support, God Richly bless you all.

Above all, I will like to say a big thank you to my grandmother, Emmanuella Kporvi for the support, she is a full energy woman because she do everything for me, she is a great gospel singer who composed so many Ewe gospel songs, she use her experiences in music to discovered my talent and gave me more motivation, inspiration, and the master brain behind my hit “Dzidzɔkpɔkpɔ”, Sorpii, Gahojey, etc. God richly bless you and the entire family.

Having said that, I remain very happy, healthy, sober and optimistic about 2015 not just for me but for you all who have continued to support me and to support, love and happiness in this world we live in. I will always believe that kindness, love and compassion will always rule out.
BowMan City and I became very good friends before I could even imagine, because he knows the hard work and the struggle my crew and I have been through, God richly bless you, and grant you your heart desires.

Thanks to my fans, for the wonderful support, love and kindness, without them GonamiMusic is nothing, so i want to use this platform to thank you guys all for that full energy, God bless you all.
To all my colleague musicians and both friends and true friends, thanks for being there for me, right from day one up now, ” mia tɔe nye akpe” 

And to everyone doing the listening and reading online, words cannot possibly explain my love, appreciation and my truly humble care for your love and support for me. I still want to fill your lives with love, happiness and music. New music will be coming on 1st January 2015, so watch out for fire. I want to confess to you that we are entering the new year with “fire” I give you my words.
Again I wish all above personalities a happy new year and blessings up blessings.

To the hard working men and women across the globe!
Everything is possible, believe, work harder and achieve your goal!!!

  God bless you all and here’s the best year of all – 2016.



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