The Maid ~ Episode 18

–At Sonia’s mother’s place–

Ebere’s voice was calm as she tried to get the old woman to see reasons to agree to her opinions. She knew Sonia could be serious with her words but she was so bent on getting her revenge against Angela whom she believed was the reason why Mike, her rich fiancee broke up with her few days to their wedding. That incident surely left her with pains. Deep inner pains which time can never heal. It left her a shattered woman with all the memories that refused to let her be. How she loved him with all her heart. How she surrendered her all to him. How she gave all of herself to him. It was really heartbreaking. She found it hard to console herself and move on with life whenever that instincts of hers tell her it was Angela’s handwork.
On the other hand, she vowed to destroy her happy marriage to make her feel the pain too. Ebere understood perfectly that making Sonia go to jail would be of no benefit to her but she was ready to do it if the poor girl refused to play along. Perhaps to teach her that she does anything she said she would do.
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“I’m surprised at Sonia your daughter. How could she have gotten this kind of opportunity of becoming rich overnight and she’s trying to throw it away?” She feigned with a little anger and a coloured face. “What do you mean? Isn’t she doing what you said?”The confused woman asked. “Isn’t now the best time for her to stand strong and be happy? She is pregnant and she is threatening to call it quits with everything. Could you imagine she plainly told me she would terminate the pregnancy? “She asked.

A kind of smile played on the poor woman. She seemed lost. “You mean…..she told you she’s pregnant? Why haven’t she told me? What is even wrong with that girl?” She rained endless questions on Ebere who was yet to disclose her main mission for coming over.

1:35pm that same day
–At Angela’s home–

Sonia heard David’s car hunk in the compound. She was taking some rest after washing the clothes she was supposed to wash the day before. They really gave her a tough time, especially David’s hard jeans trousers which her soft hands always found so hard to deal with. She peeped out through the window and watched him alight from the car. It was unusual, seeing him at home by that time of the day. Sonia wondered what could be wrong. “Did he forget anything?”She asked her troubled self.




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