Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, has been installed a chief in Barmenda, Cameroon.


The honorary chieftaincy title comes with plots of land in Bamenda, Cameroon.
In an interview with Hitz News, the actor revealed that he was given the title after he visited the North-Western part of the country for a philanthropic work.
“I went to Cameroon, spent about ten days promoting a film and shooting my documentary and I got to the North West part of Cameroon called Bamenda and when I got there the people were so happy to see me because they enjoy my movies and appreciate the African Film industry in Cameroon so they gave me their royal regalia.”
Apart from the plots of lands he was given, John is allowed to go in and out of Cameroon freely to do his works.
“They said that I have been made an honorary chief in Bamenda so I am always welcomed there anytime.”
The ‘Interception’ actor promised to do a production in the year 2016 to help Cameroon boost their movie industry.
“I will definitely do a production in Cameroon next year because they are eager to boost their movie industry,” he concluded.

Source: Jasper Delado Gelli



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