In The Heart Of A Lady ⑱+ ~Episode 11

Immediately i fainted, Lucky left his group on the doctor while they both rushed to me in an effort to revive me.
I was later regained consciousness about an hour later only to find Anita and Temi by my
“she’s awake!,thank God” they all chorused while i helped myself sitting down on the bed.
“babe,we heard what happened o, please accept our condolence” said Temi as she drew closer with sympathy written all over her face.
” Na so this girl kill this boy?,she no try at all!!”
Anita cursed,her lips snarled with rage at Ada.
” i don’t even know what to say, everything just happened so fast. One minute he was alive, but now, where’s he?” i cried as i broke down in tears.
Just then lucky entered the ward.
“Good morning ladies” he greeted
“there is nothing good about the morning” they both replied, while he resigned to a sigh.
The doctor came in that moment.
“Please,i would like to see Becky and Lucky in my office now” The doctor ordered as he made to leave.
I slowly stood up from the bed, been helped by lucky as we made our way to his office leaving
Temi and Anita behind.
We got to his office and opened the door without even knocking.
“Please have a seat” the doctor ushered us to a leather chair in front of his desk,while we obeyed him and sat down quietly.
” Doctor,please tell us what killed my friend, we haven’t even been briefed yet about his death”
Lucky exclaimed.
“Well,its a really hard case. I wasn’t so sure until i asked the laboratory attendant to repeat
the tests over and over again” the doctor calmly explained removing his qlasses from his eyes and dropping them on his table as he rested his back on his chair.
“do what test again doctor” i asked in fear.
” we weren’t really sure,but we repeated and repeated the tests again and it confirmed our
fears” he muttered.
“Doctor,talk to us,what were the outcome of the tests?!!” Lucky anxiously asked.
“in the test results we found tangible amounts of Anticoagulants and Metal Phosphides in his cardiovascular system and blood stream” the doctor disclosed.
“Doctor, English please!!” Lucky asked impatiently,but i sat there,as a medical student, i totally understood what the doctor said, but i wanted him to confirm it with his mouth.
“Somebody tried to kill your friend with Rat Poison!!” the doctor finally announced.
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Doctor what do you mean someone killed my friend with rat poison” Lucky asked.
“You see, the test results show that he took in quite an amount of rat poison ” The doctor explained.
“Doctor,please i don’t get you, explain to us” i begged him.
“My dear” the doctor began, “what am trying to say is that, the amount of rat poison he ingested was too much and in quantities which we cannot just refer as merely a mistake or an accident. I think it was intentional or he was poisoned by someone. Anyway,he’s body has been taken to the mortuary. You can see him if you like” The doctor finally analyzed.
I didn’t have the morale to see a dead body that morning, so i just stood up and made to leave, while lucky followed suit.
We got to the ward were i was revived and found Temi and Anita patiently waiting for us.
“Has the police been informed about kaycee’s murder” temi quickly asked when i got to talking range.
I shook my head.
“The police should be informed and start working on this case as soon as possible, my cousin Dipo is a senior detective at the force
head quarters, i think i should inform him, so that he would begin his investiqations and bring Ada
to book immediately” Temi volunteered while we all nodded our heads in agreement to what she said.
Detective Dipo arrived half an hour later at the hospital. Dipo a young man in his early thirties, with an ebony skin although not too short neither was he tall,he was just there.
We briefed him about kaycee’s death and the culprit who was behind all of it.
He swore to swing to action immediately and bring to book whoever was responsible for kaycee’s death.
Before he left,he also collected the doctor’s report and some other valuable reports andinformation.
“I still cant believe Kaycee’s gone for real and never to return,as in everything happened so fast” i muttered, landing on my bed when we got home from the hospital.
“well, that’s life for you,i think everything happens for a reason,its just a matter of time before we bring to justice whoever was behind his killing” Anita said, taking her seat on the leather couch.
“May Sanqo and amadioha combined strike down that Ada of the girl, there’s no doubts she killed Kaycee for her selfish reasons” Temi also added, taking a seat besides Anita on the couch.
“Honestly,i don’t know what to think again,but i have a strong feeling something is not just right
here” I began.
“What do you mean by that?, are you saying you don’t know that it was Ada that killed kaycee?” Temi asked almost immediately.
“I don’t know for sure but—”
Just then,a knock was heard at the door.
“who’s there?” Anita asked,as we all turned and looked to the door.
“Please open up, its the Police” The voice said camly.
We hesitated a little, giving each other glances of uncertainty.
Anita finally stood up and opened the door. Our eyes were met by a young police sergeant, with a voice as gently as a dove, probably in his early twenties. His black uniform well ironed and clean, unlike other rugged policemen. He looked generally calm and reserved.
“Am seargent Marcus. From the force head-quarters, i was ordered to come fetch Miss Becky immediately” he ordered, although his gentle reserved nature made it sound like it was just a plea.
Anita and Temi both fixed a gaze at me. I stood there motionless. I shrugged, rolled my eyes and asked
“Please sir,is anything the matter?”
“I don’t know for sure,i was just asked to come bring you immediately from my authorities” He replied.
“Please sir,at least you must know a tinge of clue why you were asked to bring her.” Anita asked him with seriousness written all over her face.
“Okay,i think it has something to do with a boy’s death” Sergeant Marcus announced.
I breathed deeply,looked at Anita And Temi, while they both returned the look.
I turned around, giving my apartment a quick look like i was searching for something.
I exhaled heavily and gave sergeant Marcus a ‘we’re good to go’ expression.
“After you miss” he responded, leading me out of the apartment.
I went outside only to meet a police van full of officers awaiting me. I climbed on, an we zoomed off.




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