THE MAID – Episode 6

Life had not been fair to Sonia. All her life, she had toiled and worked to raise money. Since she finished secondary school; fees of which she saw to, she worked arduously like a man to support her mom, who had a failing health.

Her mother, instead of appreciating the poor girl’s efforts, made matters worst by always telling her she’s a weakling. Sonia just couldn’t figure out why her mother of all people should call her a weakling in as much as she involves herself in different types of menial jobs in order to make both ends meets. It actually happened that she got home one day with bruises all over her body as a result of the countless number of times she fell down, climbing a ladder, carrying a head-pan filled with mixed sand, concrete, cement and water. The contractors at first refused allowing her to work due to the fact that she’s a women. Women were not allowed to do such work but she begged and pleaded with them to give her a chance; to test her and see how strong she was.
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After carrying four head-pans of the heavy mixture to the second decking through a ladder slanting against the rough wall, she felt weak, missed a step and fell from the ladder, while the head-pan and its contents fell on her. It was then she confirmed that “not everything a man can do that a woman can do better” The contractor had compassion on her and paid her some money so she can go home and buy some drugs. She expected her mother to feel sorry for her, seeing those bruises on her body but instead, the provoking old woman added salt to her injuries by telling her she was too lazy. “Mom, please, stop telling me that. It’s breaking my heart; its killing my spirit. You know too well that I am trying my best” She sniffed, knowing she was just a step away from crying. She fought the tears that threatened and blinked them back. She was tired of shedding endless tears from the hurting words from her mother. “How many people got bruises on their body there?”the bitter woman asked. Sonia just stared at her without a word.

Right from the day she started imagining and thinking with her brain, her mother’s attitude towards her had always made her wonder if she was actually her biological mother.




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