John Mahama, please come clean on the death of Pres Atta Mills

By Fadi Dabbousi
Tuesday July 24, 2012, was a dark day that had since gone down in the annals of history as “The Day That shook Ghana”, and for the wrong reasons too. Fellow Ghanaians, our late President John Evans Atta Mills was sent packing to the hereafter, purportedly huddled up in the back of a taxi. Not until the nurses at the maternity ward of the 37 military hospital in Accra realised that the person in labour was the deceased body of the President, it was said that even the people in government were unaware of late Atta Mills’ doom.
That day, we got a new President – H.E. John Dramani Mahama. But, four years on, we are still waiting to get the Coroner’s Inquiry Report to appropriately clear the air off the many conspiracy theories that have filled the space between heaven and earth. The single most credible allusion is one that suggests that the late President was killed by power brokers within the NDC government.
The word that continues to make the rounds on social media and in articles is that H.E. John Mahama is hiding information from the Ghanaian public. It is said that so grave is the truth that it will uproot the NDC government immediately and cause widespread resignations and total pandemonium.
There are a number of scenarios that one may discuss, but the one that seems plausible is that which alludes to the grave suspicion that Asiedu Nketia, Kofi Adams, Koku Anyidaho, and some other criminals in the NDC, masterminded the death of the President, with cover from some rented press. In fact, it is so conceivable that those who heard this theory believed same to be true, and I am inclined to believe it too!
By now, I am sure that we all know the lunatic tendencies of Asiedu Nketia and his history at a mental facility at Pantang. By now, we all can confirm the violent nature of kokoon Anyidaho and Kofi Adams. Their bullish trait of terrorism is not esoteric after all. They have always had wild bursts in the full glare of the media.
“Dear Excellency, President John Mahama, it is of a historical, moral, and reconciliatory importance to investigate these mad men from your camp. People are speculating all kinds of scenarios because thus far they have not been given any tangible clarification as to the cause of death of your master, President Atta Mills. It is my hope and prayer that you will put Asiedu Ntetia, Koku Anyidaho, and Kofi Madams under the magnifying glass of investigation because Ghanaians smell a rat, and it is emanating from your backyard.”
I admonish President John Mahama to do this service to Ghanaians so that after losing the elections on November 7, it can be said that, afterall, he has bagged at least one achievement in his difficult term in office.
Arrest and investigate Asiedu Nketia, Koku Anyodaho, and Kofi Adams now on suspicion of aiding and abetting the murder of President Mills, and dramatically crying at his funeral to cover up their dastardly act.
“Oh, and get off Honourable Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo’s back now. President Mahama, you are widely believed to be funding the smear campaigns against this innnocent man, Nana Addo, who has not harboured ill for anybody in his life. And you can swear to that, having known him for many many years as a colleague in parliament, and as a friend. Just come clean Mr President, for history pronounces unblemished judgments. Enough is enough!
TellUsTheTruth WhoKilledThePresident ArrestAsieduNketiaAndHisSuspectedAccomplicesNow



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